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I Hate You, Tony Stark!

I want that car soo much!

Link: http://spinoff.comicbookresources.com/2011/10/07/pimping-tonys-ride-avengers-to-preview-new-acura-supercar/


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Five Movies That Would Make Good Graphic Novels

So I was pondering at the library today and came up with a list of five movies, not the books (at least for the ones that have books), that would make good graphic novels.

Maybe my childhood is speaking for me, but I think The Princess Bride would make an excellent graphic novel. Think of it as like Stardust, but funny! Anyway, there are just so many things in the movie, like Inigo vs the Dread Pirate Roberts, that would transfer well into a graphic novel. Also, it’s the Princess Bride. How can it go wrong!?

Next on my list is one that would probably never happen  due to rights, but would still be awesome: The Godfather. In my opinion, the art would have to be perfect to make it work. Like the christening. Let’s imagine that as a six frame page that is going in between the killing and the christening. How Coppola did the Godfather really makes me think it would make a beautiful graphic novel.

Now I will openly admit that I’ve only seen bits and pieces of 12 Angry Men, but I have read the full version of the play, which was based on the movie (or maybe the other way around, I dunno).  But anyway, there are so many little details like body language and expressions that I feel would transfer well if, once again, done with the right artist.

Moulin Rouge!, our next entry, would have to be done as a motion comic with sound when they sing. I think that just the scope and detail of Moulin Rouge! would make a good motion comic. The only problem I foresee would be transferring the dance sequences. I suppose someone would figure out that problem, but I’m not an expert.

The last movie on the list is one of my all time favorites: To Kill A Mockingbird. I feel like this would just be a beautiful graphic novel no matter if it’s the book version or the movie version. Like 12 Angry Men, there’s just so much emotion flowing through the movie and that emotion could easily transfer over to a graphic novel.

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