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Cover Commentaries: Secret Avengers #13

Okay. I like this cover. I do have several problems with it. One- I can’t tell if blondie is Sharon Carter, Valkyrie, or a secret clone of Emma Frost that is not a Cuckoo with better fashion sense (she’s dating Scott Summers, it was bound to happen). I’m pretty sure it’s Sharon. Two- I don’t think Black Widow would have her zipper down that far. She’s a secret agent, not a Charlie’s Angel. Also, BW looks a little stiff compared to the others. But I like the cover and I like the Secret Avengers.


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Cover Commentaries: Fear Itself #2

Ok. So I like this cover. And I think I understand the why behind it all, but I think this could have looked cooler (even more cooler looking that it does now) if it was simply a grey street and not all that red fog stuff.

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Cover Commentaries: Captain America #618

At first I was all excited, thinking ‘oooohhh a cover that looks like it’s painted’! And the more I look at it, the more it becomes just ok. I mean, the colors are beautiful and the background lighting is stunning. And then I looked at Bucky and I didn’t like it. He just looks off. No one looks fluid and in motion either; they all seem really stiff. Now I’m not as excited and the cover is just now okay.

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Ten Reasons Why I Love Super Hero Squad Show

Really quick note as to why the long absence: First, my computer crashed. I have to pay for it to be fixed and without a job, it might take a while. Second, I went on vacation. And I brought back pretty dresses and comic books because that’s how I roll. Anyway….

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I Will Not…: Captain America

I Will Not: Make jokes, laugh at, think of innuendos, or take in any wrong way this panel, cover, dialogue bubble ect.

Someone likes to watch.

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Awesome Panel of the Day 3/14

Happy Pi Day everyone! I had pie in Math. It was awesome. Anyway…

Silence Minion!

When Doctor Doom speaks in all caps, you know it. ‘Cause he’s awesome like that.

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Namor Still Uses His Electric Eel Power

Remember this post? https://katelynnscomics.wordpress.com/2011/02/24/awesome-panel-of-the-day-223/

Now look at this!

Namor uses the Power of the Electric Eel again!

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