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Review: Buffy Season 8 #3

Ah, its so nice to have a little free time. Anyway, it’s review time with Buffy #3.

The Cover- Hmmm. I like Willow. And it’s not like I severely dislike this cover. But I think it could have been a lot better. For example, I personally think that the logo would have looked so much cooler just in the sky like that instead of coming from Willow’s fingertips. I kid you not when I say my first thought was ‘cigarette smoke?’ I think Willow’s dress would have also looked better if a) it had been all red or all black instead of this odd vamp Willow look and b) if it was a full dress instead of this weird half back thingymerbober. But I love the little detail in the bottom left cover.

Interior Art- The interior art’s fine. I mean, some of the little things bother me though. Like the zombies don’t look very zombie like to me (maybe I’ve been watching too much Walking Dead). Ethan Rayne seems to look a bit off to me too, but this stuff might just be me. I really loved the facial expressions in this ish. There’s a panel where Xander in his little war room and has this awesome expression that I actually laughed out loud at. It might be the next Awesome Panel of the Day.  There was a couple of panels where there was long dialogue bubbles or just dialogue in general, in these panels there was like no lip movement (does that make any sense? I might scan that too). But the art was decent.

Writing- Zombies+Pride and Prejudice+Magicky Spell=Win. Anyway, I like this issues more than the last one. I feel like the last one and this one are both build up  issues but it doesn’t really reflect into the writing. I think that Willow was very well written in this issue. Buffy and Ethan’s conversation was pretty awesome. Buffy had a couple of really good one liners. And my favorite moments:

Buffy: ‘My Love’. He called me ‘my love’. And then I threw up in my mouth a little.


Xander: Sounds good to me.

Andrew: No trust me (shows shot of Andrewplaying cards with Slayerettes in bras and night clothes) you’d be bored stiff.


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The Things That I Recently Bought

So recently TFAW.com had a comic sale. And let me tell you, I bought a bunch of stuff. In no particular order:

Batman: The Chalice

Angel: After the Fall (vol 1-3)

Batman: False Faces

Batman: Heart of Hush

Buffy Omnibus vol 1

Fables vol 1-2

Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four (vol 1-2)

Ultimate Fantastic Four (vol 1-2)

Marvel 1602

Marvel 1985

And then I hit my local Half Price Book store and bought a bunch (roughly fifty) back issues of Buffy, Agents of Atlas, Mighty Avengers, and the first three issues of the Baron Zemo mini.

So needless to say, I’ve been a very happy camper. But wait! There’s more! I was at my local Barnes and Noble, browsing the discount tables. And guess what I found for $9?

This almost makes up for my crappy week and my upcoming hell week aka the Last Week of School (until next year. It bothers me greatly that some of my teachers are under the impression that their class is the only class I have homework in. LIES!)

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Top 5 Amazing Mothers in Comics

Katelynn’s Top Five Comic Book Mommas Begins Now!!!


Lara Lor-Van

Ok, I don’t know about you, but the Lara I first encountered was the STAS/JL/Smallville Lara. And those Laras were BA. Lara means a good deal to Superman, being a silent influence on his life.

Queen Hippolyta

I haven’t really read a lot of Wonder Woman comics, which is the main reason Hippolyta didn’t make it on the main list. From what I have read, she loves Diana a good deal and puts her well-being above all others.

Number Five- Joyce Summers

Yes, she was primarily on the show. But really, who can deny the BAness of a woman who goes after a vampire with an ax to protect her daughter? Plus she raised daughters as good as Dawn and Buffy (when she’s not being stupid). That says something about her.

Number Four- Martha Wayne

Martha Wayne cared about kids; she donated heavily to children’s charities and helped run a covert detective agency. I first saw Martha in Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? and let me tell you, she was awesome. Although Bruce may idealize her, I think any woman who made that much of an impression on her son at the age of eight has something going for her.

Number Three- Susan Storm-Richards

Even if she was a spineless woman in the early comics, Sue has really evolved into a modern momma. She fights crime. She cooks. She takes care of her kids. She loves her kids to death. Plus she’s Sue Storm.

Number Two- Aunt May

Yes, May’s not actually a mother, but she’s been Peter’s mother figure for most of his life. Aunt May has been there for Peter through his ups and downs. And she even bakes cookies. Yum.

Number One- Ma Kent

While Lara up there might have been his bio-mom, Martha Kent has made a lasting impression on her son. Ma and Pa Kent taught Clark everything he needed to know to make him a good person, and he followed their advice. I think having a son that’s Superman speaks a good deal about Martha Kent.

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Awesome Panel of the Day: 5/4

Guess what this is? My 100th post! Go me! And in celebration of May the Fourth/Force, I give you a moment that makes me love comics.

I love you, Andrew.

Random story: So it’s Star Wars day and two kids at my school came dressed up as Luke and Vader. They did the ‘I am your father’ scene at lunch. It was awesome.

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Review: Buffy Season 8 #2

Wow, this took me long enough. Anyway, on to the amazingness that is Season Eight.

The Cover- In my opinion, Jo Chen does no wrong on Buffy. Her Buffy is very Buffy, which I approve (does that even make any sense? No? Good). I feel that her Xander is too pretty boy Xander, not the General Fury Xander vibe Xander has going on. Also, I think of John Travolta when I look at Xander, which is not what I’m supposed to see when I look at Xander. But I still love the cover.

Interior Art- Once again, I really have no complaints. Amy still doesn’t really look like Amy to me and the General still looks too old to me, more like nursing home material than Rulk to Buffy’s Hulk. I feel that Giles doesn’t look like himself either, but he does, so I don’t know why I feel he doesn’t look right. Maybe it was the colors or the shading. I really want Willow’s dress at the end, it looks so pretty! I would so buy a replica of that for my eventual trip to Comic Con or C2E2 (it’s closer). Plus Xander in yellow duck pjs make any comic a win.

Writing- I liked this issue, but I have some complaints with it. For example, Buffy has this really weird dream that I feel was very messy and seemed like it had been thought of the last-minute. However, in other instances the writing was spot on. Like Andrew’s speech that will be featured at the end as well as Xander’s “This is the crappiest sacrificial dagger I’ve ever seen.” I also feel like the Buffy true love kiss was too cliché and set up something completely unnecessary in later issues that kinda bothered me. Eh. Joss makes up for it next issue.

This time, Buffy was good with great moments, like this:

Andrew:…Lando Calrissian’s outfit. And I know a lot of you were gonna say ewoks, but that’s too easy. I love Empire, of course. I love Empire, let’s not waste time questioning my loyalties, but the moment I saw Bill D. in the Hizzy I smelled the troubles. I mean it’s great that George Lucas wanted to have an African-Bespinian character in the mix, but then he shows up with the cape and the little bell bottoms and I’m thinking, “Oh, he’s gonna help Han and Chewie just as soon as he finishes the magic show for the kids’ birthday party,” I mean, knock, knock, common sense trying to get in, door’s locked, I’ll buy a race of teddy bears with unstoppable tree-trunk technology any day over that outfit on a leader. That outfit gets you beat up, is what. Especially at a.. Pep Rally in junior high where you were supposed to be dressed like a cougar. From a friend I heard that. So. Does that answer your question?

Girl: No.

Andrew: ‘Kay. What, uh, was it again?

Girl: Weapons.

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Review: Buffy Season 8 #1


Not gonna lie, I’m a Buffy fan so I might be biased about the awesomeness that is Buffy Summers. But anyway.

The Cover: I dig. I dig majorly. Jo Chen made Buffy look like Buffy, which in some of the other issues just didn’t happen (getting ahead of myself). But for me, Jo’s cover always look like Buffy.

Interior Art: I really have no complaints of the art. Everyone at least looked like everyone, some more than others. For example, to me Dawn looks like Dawn where Amy only kind of looked like Amy to me. But I could tell who was who without any real problem. Another thing that bothered me was the general. He almost looked too old to me, more like my great-grandpa than my grandpa. The other complaint is that green demon looked too much like funky dinosaurs to me. Speaking of that, the coloring on the battle scene with said green demon was too crisp during and after fighting a demon. No one’s hair is that perfect after kicking ass. These were all minor things that didn’t really bother me.  

Writing: The dialogue was spot on for me and I could totally see those events happening (like with Andrew sending his best dressed). The flow seemed off somehow to me when the general was visiting the crater, like Joss was trying to be too suspenseful, almost lagging behind the rest of the writing. But since it was written by the great Joss Wheadon, it is naturally awesome. Besides, how can you not love it when Xander mentions Nick Fury, his fellow eye patch buddy? 

Overall, this Buffy was good, not great. I felt that everything was being set up (almost like a prologue) , but I still highly enjoyed this issue.

Favourite Quote:

Xander: “Xander.” Renee, I told you. It’s “Xander.” or “Sergeant Fury”.

Renee: Wasn’t Nick Fury a Colonel when he ran S.H.E.I.L.D.?

Xander: I like him better in the Howling Commado days. But your nerd points are accumulating impressively.

Renee: I try Sergeant.

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