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Cover Commentaries: Batgirl #22

For the most part, I like this. I dislike the cloud/fog thing. I think it kinda takes away from the cover. I also don’t understand the perspective. I mean the bar looks like it’s crooked and it confuses me. But hey look there’s Squire!



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My DC 60: Part 1

So I, like every other comic book blogger in the world, have decided to make my list of a perfect DC reboot world.┬áThere’s 60 because variety is the spice of life.┬áSo let’s start off!

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Cover Commentaries: Batgirl #21

I love this cover. The colors are so beautiful and feel so right for the layout. Batgirl stands out because of her costume, but it’s not a jarring sight. The stained glass window is executed really well. It really reminds me of Beauty and the Beast, but I’m a 90’s child so that is to be expected.

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