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Huh. I didn’t think I was gone that long….



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October 16, 2012 · 9:22 pm

I Hate You, Tony Stark!

I want that car soo much!


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A Question

Everyone seems to read the Really Odd Powers. Is this something you all want more of?

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In Which My Inner Fangirl Is Screaming

So I’m browsing through blogs I like and I stumble upon this:

It’s a DOOM MINI! My inner fangirl is screaming like a maniac, but I’m keeping my composure because my mom’s on the couch. This better be good. Or I will be very sad. But for right now I’m really excited!!!!!!

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Cover Commentaries: Amazing Spider-Man #660

This is lacking something. I guess it’s because the FF and Spidey seem so stiff. On a brighter note, the colors are pretty. And Ben looks BA.

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Ten Reasons Why I Love Super Hero Squad Show

Really quick note as to why the long absence: First, my computer crashed. I have to pay for it to be fixed and without a job, it might take a while. Second, I went on vacation. And I brought back pretty dresses and comic books because that’s how I roll. Anyway….

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Thoughts About the X-Men or Why I Would Never Send My Child There

So I was thinking, which is never good for anything or anyone, about a comment I made in the most recent Really Odd Powers about the X-Men. And then I started to think about their school and my school. And then this post happened. Anyway, if I had a child and they were a mutant, I would never send my child there willingly. knowing Charlie X, he’d probably have to mind wipe me into it. Here’s some reasons why:

  • The Lack Of Anything Extra curricular (That We Know Of)                                     

Oddly, I am actually involved with several extra curricular activities. I play in our orchestra. I am a member of our drama club. Does the X-School have any of that? Not that we know of. The only Xtra-Curricular (bad pun, sorry) activity there is is the X-Men, New Mutants, whatever. But what if you had a really useless power and couldn’t join? What would you do then?

  • Teachers

Another ‘as far as we know of’. The only person there that I would consider worthy to teach my child would be Beast and Professor X. Why? They’ve gone to college. No other students/teachers that I am aware of have ever gone to college. I think Bobby went to get an accounting degree but he came back. Some how, all the teachers seem to come back to the school. I would want my child to have good teachers. 

I don’t think they realise it, but the X-Men are somewhat discriminatory. Here they are, advocating mutant and human relationships. Yet they don’t have any ‘sapient’ teachers.  But all the little X-ers would probably be like ‘its too dangerous!’ Not if you hire someone like Batman or Dare-Devil. And then there’s the issue when someone becomes de-powered. Jubilee has been with the X-Men forever. She lost her powers after M-Day and had nowhere to go. She had been a part of the X-Men forever. And they kick her and ever other human student (even the ones with nowhere to go to). What does that say about them? If you want to advocate something, generally you make it look like you are trying.

  • The School

I can summon this one up with a sentence. The school is blown up with frightening regularity. I would like my child to be safe. Which would bring us to my next point.

  • Safety

The X-Men have an astonishing death rate (haha!). No sensible parent sends their child to a school where the death toll is very high for a school. It’s not smart or safe.

So anyway, I would never send my child to the X-Mansion, Utopia, wherever they are. That’s another point. I would like to be able to contact my child.



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