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Review: Buffy Season 8 #1


Not gonna lie, I’m a Buffy fan so I might be biased about the awesomeness that is Buffy Summers. But anyway.

The Cover: I dig. I dig majorly. Jo Chen made Buffy look like Buffy, which in some of the other issues just didn’t happen (getting ahead of myself). But for me, Jo’s cover always look like Buffy.

Interior Art: I really have no complaints of the art. Everyone at least looked like everyone, some more than others. For example, to me Dawn looks like Dawn where Amy only kind of looked like Amy to me. But I could tell who was who without any real problem. Another thing that bothered me was the general. He almost looked too old to me, more like my great-grandpa than my grandpa. The other complaint is that green demon looked too much like funky dinosaurs to me. Speaking of that, the coloring on the battle scene with said green demon was too crisp during and after fighting a demon. No one’s hair is that perfect after kicking ass. These were all minor things that didn’t really bother me.  

Writing: The dialogue was spot on for me and I could totally see those events happening (like with Andrew sending his best dressed). The flow seemed off somehow to me when the general was visiting the crater, like Joss was trying to be too suspenseful, almost lagging behind the rest of the writing. But since it was written by the great Joss Wheadon, it is naturally awesome. Besides, how can you not love it when Xander mentions Nick Fury, his fellow eye patch buddy? 

Overall, this Buffy was good, not great. I felt that everything was being set up (almost like a prologue) , but I still highly enjoyed this issue.

Favourite Quote:

Xander: “Xander.” Renee, I told you. It’s “Xander.” or “Sergeant Fury”.

Renee: Wasn’t Nick Fury a Colonel when he ran S.H.E.I.L.D.?

Xander: I like him better in the Howling Commado days. But your nerd points are accumulating impressively.

Renee: I try Sergeant.


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Review: Maus: The Sheik

So for English class this semester we have to read two memoir/autobiography/biography type novels. So I fast walked (’cause our class was in the library) and snagged the only copy of Maus, which will be my first ever comic review! Woohoo! Anyway, on to the first chapter review.

Seeing as it’s the first chapter, I won’t talk much about the plot (can we really call it a plot? Eh, I will anyway). I really enjoy the blunt way Spiegelman starts off with his relationship with his father. In my head and after reading synopsis and the first chapter, it just makes sense that Spiegelman has a tense relationship with his father. I don’t know why, but it does. It’s almost breaking my heart watching Anja and Vladek fall in love and knowing the Holocaust is just around the corner. But even through that, Lucia is making me smile. I think she’s the girlfriend that’s every man’s worst nightmare, but I wouldn’t really know since I am a girl.

The choice of mice instead of people. It’s a brilliant idea, and it creeps me out after reading the quote in the front of the copy I have “The Jews are undoubtedly a race, but they are not human.”- Adolf Hitler. That’s…I don’t know but it really gives me the wiggins.

I’m really enjoying the use of black and white in lieu of color. It gives Maus almost an old movie feel. I don’t know whether I like the use of black lines/shading. In my opinion, it almost gives the story a grimy feel, but this is a tale about the Holocaust. Maybe it’ll grow on me. However, Spiegelman does pay close attention to detail and I like that.

So far, I’m enjoying Maus.

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