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Review: Fantastic Four 70/499 (Unthinkable Part 3)

So guess who started school. I miss summer already ūüė¶ Anyway!

Cover: Meh. It’s better than the previous two, I’ll say that. Something is off about it and I’m not sure what. I think the background looks a bit odd. Sue, however, looks a little BA. And I like that. But her forehead also looks kinda manly, and I’m nitpicking. Continuing on. I hate the rock things going on. I feel they add nothing to the cover. But overall, it’s not a bad cover.

Interior Art: See Unthinkable Part Two review where I cover most of the fight. I’m sick of complaining about Wieringo’s art in this, so I’m done.

Writing: Now that we have gotten past the not so brilliant set up, the good little tidbits come in. After most of the fighting has finished, Doom goes all ImmaSorcererSuckers and casts pretty magical spells on the Fantastic Four. They’re all like ‘oh no magic! Reed’s one weakness!’ And Reed’s like ‘I’m awesome, we can do this!!’ (It doesn’t work out)¬†Then Doom says that he will release the child. Mind you, he does not specifically say what child. The Fantastic Four believes he’s talking about Franklin.¬†You can see where this is going. After Richards surrenders, Doom releases the child, which is Baby Val. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how Doom operates.

Also, he puts the Fantastic Four in his dungeon that is somehow in a tower which is connected to a library I would love to visit. Then he lays the verbal smack down on Reed like we all know Doom has wanted to do his entire life. Mr. Waid, you have somewhat redeemed yourself for a Doom that is awesome for an issue. Just an issue, mind you. If Doom was like that the entire arc, I might actually like the entire arc instead of this one issue.

There were a couple of things¬†writing wise I was a little unsure of. Yes, I believe Doom would stick the Four in the dungeon. Whether he would torture them like he does, I kinda disagree. I think he would be more into psychological torture, kind of like he does to Sue by holding Val in front of Sue while she [Sue] is on fire. Also, putting Reed in a giant library screams Doom. Punching the crap out of Ben and whatever he’s doing to Johnny, not so much. But anyway, this is my favorite issue out of the arc. It’s not bad, but it’s not the greatest.


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Review: Unthinkable Part 2 (FF 69/498)

I’m going to apologize up front for this, but this review is going to mainly be a large critique about the writing in this issue. If you wanna know my opinion on the art, go look at the other two reviews. Anyway.

Writing- Honestly, I think this issue was the beginning of the end. Let’s go page by page.

Page One/Two-¬†Franklin is how old and is still saying Unca¬†Johnny? Isn’t he like¬†seven now? Unless he has some speech impediment that only affects the word Uncle, I have never heard someone around is age not saying Uncle. Then on the 2nd panel of page two, what is up with the ‘he lied’? Typo by the letterist, I guess.

Page Three- Johnny is still Johnny. Okay. That’s a little better.

Page Four- If that burn is as bad as it looks, there is no way Johnny should be speaking. He ain’t Superman and that looks like 3rd degree burn. Wikipedia says that 3rd degree burns are painless, but also that’s hell-fire. And in comics, hell fire is painful. Which brings us to:

Page Six- Johnny’s walking. See above.

Page Seven-¬†Doom speaking through Valeria. I honestly think this could have been a lot better executed. Doom speaking through Valeria is creepy, but what about a bodiless voice? That seems more like Doom’s style than speaking through a familiar.

Page 10- On occasion, the FF can have their ‘duh!’ moments. In Part One, they were shown to have baby-sitters. I’m positive they probably have more than one, so why would you take the baby with you? Because Doom must kidnap the baby! They are asking for trouble.

Page Eleven-¬†This is going to cover the sending Franklin to Hell part. Sending someone to Hell does seem like something Doom would do to an adult, not to a little boy. Doom is constantly trying to prove that he is better than Richards and sending Franklin to Hell doesn’t seem like the Doom thing to do. Unless Doom was planning on rescuing him after the FF were in his nefarious clutches, but you know. But my name is not Victor von Doom, it’s Katelynn, so I don’t know what Doom would do.

Page Thirteen- Taking out Stephen Strange. I can see it, because Strange would help the FF, but then there’s Triumph and Torment where they have a weird friendship going on. But I can see Doom doing this, so that’s a little better.

The Fantastic Four VS Doom- I’m just going to lump this all together. I hated, and I mean hated, this fight. For all the emphasis on his magical abilities from the previous issues, I was expecting him to be sitting on his throne with that infamous pimp goblet of is waiting for the FF with some magical symbol on the floor to trap them. I was so, so, so, disappointed with this fight. Though Doom’s barbs at Johnny had me giggling.

As a weird finish, the ad for the Scooby-Doo¬†cereal had me in stitches. I’m weird. I know.

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Review: Unthinkable Part 1 (FF 68/497)

Ah, Doom. How I wish that you were able to be the Big Bad in the Avengers movie. But we all know that’s not possible ~Le Sigh~

Cover-¬†Hmmm. I really like this cover. I suppose Wieringo was going for a creepy factor. I don’t¬†think he made it as creepy as it could have been. Like maybe if Val’s eyes were green instead of red. The red makes me think of Ultron, not Doom. Also, I think the creep factor could have shot up a good deal if the shadow of Val wasn’t Val at all but in fact Doom. Like a profile or outline of him. But I feel bad about criticizing a dead man’s work, so I’m going to move on. (Randomness moment what about when Stan the Man dies!?! I always have a comment about him!)

Interior Art-¬†I like the art in this one better than I like the last one. For one, Wieringo can draw children. Point for him! I really love the Ben and Johnny sequence. Even with the lack of words from Ben, Ben oozes of his¬†personality. That makes no sense. Moving on. Several shots of Sue bother the crap out of me, but I can’t figure out why. It might be the angle. Another thing that bothered me was Franklin’s hair. It reminded me of 90’s hair. And it’s not the 90’s anymore. I am not going to lie, I absolutely hate the human skin armor. It’s icky. It’s gross. It’s Doom’s dead girlfriend. Can we say creepy? But it’s a plot point, so it’s kind of forgiven. Speaking of plot!

Writing-¬†I hate set up issues. And this is a set up issue. So was the prologue, but I thought the prologue was quite fascinating. Character wise, I think Johnny was a bit off. He was acting like Johnny, but he wasn’t talking like Johnny. Except for the part where¬†he was all like ‘where do you keep your death lasers?’¬†Reed, however, was so spot on. The moment where he started speaking in trinary¬†code had me in stitches because that is such a Reed thing to do. The end of the issue somewhat redeemed itself for Franklin going to Hell, but still. It was good, but not great.

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Review: Fantastic Four 67/496 (Unthinkable Prologue)

So guess who is now a junior in high school!? I am, I am! Guess who saw Pirates 4 yesterday and gets to see Thor tomorrow!? I do, I do! Enough about me; on to the review of Unthinkable Prologue! Fair Warning: Epic Voice Within

Cover: This had the potential to be B.A. big time (think Secret Wars #10). I don’t think that this cover truly reached its potential. The fire doesn’t look as potent as it could be, with maybe more red instead of this Hollywood fire looking stuff. Now Doom! with fire shooting out from his mask with¬†his little half cape flying¬†behind him¬†is pretty awesome, I won’t deny that. Also, I hate this logo.¬†

Interior Art: Well. I honestly don’t know whether I love or hate the art. For example, I absolutely love everything by Jack Kirby, Bill Everett, and Alex Ross. I hate with a fiery passion of 10,000 hellish infernos¬†(fitting with our review topic don’t you think?) Greg Land, Rob Liefeld, and Todd McFarlane. This is somewhere in the middle. It’s decent, but it doesn’t catch my eyes or make me really remember the art well (I’m not kidding, I have this issue by my side and am currently trying to remember the issues I have with it). One of my main issues that I can remember is the people. They just don’t look right. I would say cartoony, but it’s not cartoony! Why must you confound me, Mike Wieringo?¬†Also, the shoes people are wearing are just huge and make me want to punch something with an iron fist! I’ll stop with the bad jokes now.

Writing: I’m trying to keep in mind that this is just the prologue so I don’t go all deranged internet blogger/fangirl. Anyway…I think that the set up was fine. The DOOM! voice was nailed down pat. Glad to know that you think all us Americans are fat pigs, Vic. Makes me feel loved. Do you know how many girls are going to be¬†anorexic¬†because of you now? Do you? DO YOU?!?! Ummm, anyway, another part that I loved was his comments on the fact that pretty much all people who claim to be fortune tellers are shams and that it’s degrading his mother’s art. Don’t mess with DOOM!’s mother. Bad things happen. Now the Valeria thing. I don’t know if I think¬†Doom! would do that to his first love.¬†I always saw Doom!¬†as¬†a…I don’t¬† really wanna say jerk so maybe egomaniac¬†but an egomaniac with morals.¬† I think he fancies himself¬†as a Latverian¬†King Arthur. I may have to follow-up on that idea there.¬†¬†I

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Review: Buffy Season 8 #3

Ah, its so nice to have a little free time. Anyway, it’s review time with Buffy #3.

The Cover-¬†Hmmm. I like Willow. And it’s not like I severely¬†dislike this cover. But I think it could have been a lot better. For example, I personally think that the logo would have looked so much cooler just in the sky like that instead of coming from Willow’s fingertips. I kid you not when I say my first thought was ‘cigarette¬†smoke?’ I think Willow’s dress would have also looked better if a) it had been all red or all black instead¬†of this odd vamp Willow look and b) if it was a full dress instead of this weird half back thingymerbober. But I love the little detail in the bottom left cover.

Interior Art- The interior art’s fine. I mean, some of the little things bother me though. Like the zombies don’t look very zombie like to me (maybe I’ve been watching too much Walking Dead). Ethan Rayne seems to look a bit off to me too, but this stuff might just be me. I really loved the facial expressions in this ish. There’s a panel where Xander in his little war room and has this awesome expression that I actually laughed out loud at. It might be¬†the next Awesome Panel of the Day.¬† There was a couple of panels where there was long dialogue bubbles or just dialogue in general, in these panels there was like no lip movement (does that make any sense? I might scan that too). But the art was decent.

Writing-¬†Zombies+Pride and Prejudice+Magicky Spell=Win. Anyway, I like this issues more than the last one. I feel like the last one and this one are both build up¬† issues but it doesn’t really reflect into the writing. I think that Willow was very well written in this issue. Buffy and Ethan’s conversation was pretty awesome. Buffy had a couple of really good one liners. And my favorite moments:

Buffy: ‘My Love’. He called me ‘my love’. And then I threw up in my mouth a little.


Xander: Sounds good to me.

Andrew: No trust me (shows shot of Andrewplaying cards with Slayerettes¬†in bras and night clothes) you’d be bored stiff.

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Review: Buffy Season 8 #2

Wow, this took me long enough. Anyway, on to the amazingness that is Season Eight.

The Cover- In my opinion, Jo¬†Chen¬†does no wrong on Buffy. Her Buffy is very Buffy, which I approve (does that even make¬†any sense? No? Good). I feel that her Xander is too pretty boy Xander, not the General Fury Xander vibe Xander has going on. Also, I think of John Travolta when I look at Xander, which is not what I’m supposed to see when I look at Xander. But¬†I still love the cover.

Interior Art-¬†Once again, I really have no complaints. Amy still doesn’t really look like Amy to me and the General still looks too old to me, more like nursing home material than Rulk¬†to Buffy’s Hulk.¬†I feel that Giles doesn’t look like himself either, but he does, so I don’t know why I feel he doesn’t look right. Maybe¬†it was the¬†colors or the shading. I really want Willow’s dress at the end, it looks so¬†pretty!¬†I would so buy¬†a replica of that¬†for my eventual trip to Comic Con or¬†C2E2¬†(it’s closer). Plus Xander in yellow duck pjs make any comic a win.

Writing- I liked this issue, but¬†I have some complaints with it. For example, Buffy has this really weird dream that I feel was very messy and seemed like it had been thought of¬†the last-minute. However, in¬†other instances the writing was spot on. Like Andrew’s speech that will be featured at the end as well as Xander’s¬†“This is the crappiest¬†sacrificial¬†dagger I’ve ever seen.” I also feel like the Buffy true love kiss was too clich√© and set up something completely unnecessary in later issues that kinda bothered me. Eh. Joss makes up for it next issue.

This time, Buffy was good with great moments, like this:

Andrew:…Lando Calrissian’s¬†outfit. And I know a lot of you were gonna say ewoks, but that’s too easy. I love Empire, of course. I love Empire,¬†let’s not waste time questioning my loyalties, but the moment I saw Bill D. in the Hizzy¬†I smelled the troubles. I mean it’s great that George Lucas wanted¬†to have an African-Bespinian¬†character in the mix, but then he shows up with the cape and the little bell bottoms¬†and I’m thinking, “Oh, he’s gonna help Han and Chewie just as¬†soon as he finishes the magic show for the kids’ birthday party,” I mean, knock, knock, common sense trying to get in, door’s locked, I’ll buy a race of teddy bears with unstoppable tree-trunk technology any day over that outfit on a leader. That outfit gets you beat up, is what. Especially at a.. Pep Rally in junior high where you were supposed to be dressed like a cougar. From a friend I heard that. So. Does that answer your question?

Girl: No.

Andrew: ‘Kay. What, uh, was it again?

Girl: Weapons.

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Review: Maus: The Honeymoon

 I finally got the time to read Maus today. So here is my review of Maus: The Honeymoon.

Normally I don’t enjoy flashback/flash forward but for some odd reason I really enjoy the ones¬†Spiegelman uses. I feel they give Vladek more character¬†than he would have had with just a beginning¬†“now” and then flashing back for the rest of the story.¬†

Plot-that-isn’t-really-a-plot-since-it-is-history still intrigues me. Even though I’m only two chapters in, I want to know more (especially about Anja’s supposed Communist loyalties and her family).¬† The moments on the train felt very poignant seeing as I know what comes after. And how cute was Anja and Vladek at the dance!? Those panels made me smile.¬†I really enjoyed the little family moments that were thrown in as well. I think those moments make Maus that much more realistic.

I feel like the art has gotten better, even though it was beautiful in the first chapter. I enjoyed the more detailed background Spiegelman did and there didn’t seem to be as many of the lines that I mentioned were in the first chapter. I noticed some, but they were nicely integrated into the backgrounds.

I’m still enjoying Maus, but I feel that I am waiting for something but I’m not sure what. That’s going to bother me greatly.

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