Review: Unthinkable Part 1 (FF 68/497)

Ah, Doom. How I wish that you were able to be the Big Bad in the Avengers movie. But we all know that’s not possible ~Le Sigh~

Cover- Hmmm. I really like this cover. I suppose Wieringo was going for a creepy factor. I don’t think he made it as creepy as it could have been. Like maybe if Val’s eyes were green instead of red. The red makes me think of Ultron, not Doom. Also, I think the creep factor could have shot up a good deal if the shadow of Val wasn’t Val at all but in fact Doom. Like a profile or outline of him. But I feel bad about criticizing a dead man’s work, so I’m going to move on. (Randomness moment what about when Stan the Man dies!?! I always have a comment about him!)

Interior Art- I like the art in this one better than I like the last one. For one, Wieringo can draw children. Point for him! I really love the Ben and Johnny sequence. Even with the lack of words from Ben, Ben oozes of his personality. That makes no sense. Moving on. Several shots of Sue bother the crap out of me, but I can’t figure out why. It might be the angle. Another thing that bothered me was Franklin’s hair. It reminded me of 90’s hair. And it’s not the 90’s anymore. I am not going to lie, I absolutely hate the human skin armor. It’s icky. It’s gross. It’s Doom’s dead girlfriend. Can we say creepy? But it’s a plot point, so it’s kind of forgiven. Speaking of plot!

Writing- I hate set up issues. And this is a set up issue. So was the prologue, but I thought the prologue was quite fascinating. Character wise, I think Johnny was a bit off. He was acting like Johnny, but he wasn’t talking like Johnny. Except for the part where he was all like ‘where do you keep your death lasers?’ Reed, however, was so spot on. The moment where he started speaking in trinary code had me in stitches because that is such a Reed thing to do. The end of the issue somewhat redeemed itself for Franklin going to Hell, but still. It was good, but not great.


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