Review: Fantastic Four 67/496 (Unthinkable Prologue)

So guess who is now a junior in high school!? I am, I am! Guess who saw Pirates 4 yesterday and gets to see Thor tomorrow!? I do, I do! Enough about me; on to the review of Unthinkable Prologue! Fair Warning: Epic Voice Within

Cover: This had the potential to be B.A. big time (think Secret Wars #10). I don’t think that this cover truly reached its potential. The fire doesn’t look as potent as it could be, with maybe more red instead of this Hollywood fire looking stuff. Now Doom! with fire shooting out from his mask with his little half cape flying behind him is pretty awesome, I won’t deny that. Also, I hate this logo. 

Interior Art: Well. I honestly don’t know whether I love or hate the art. For example, I absolutely love everything by Jack Kirby, Bill Everett, and Alex Ross. I hate with a fiery passion of 10,000 hellish infernos (fitting with our review topic don’t you think?) Greg Land, Rob Liefeld, and Todd McFarlane. This is somewhere in the middle. It’s decent, but it doesn’t catch my eyes or make me really remember the art well (I’m not kidding, I have this issue by my side and am currently trying to remember the issues I have with it). One of my main issues that I can remember is the people. They just don’t look right. I would say cartoony, but it’s not cartoony! Why must you confound me, Mike Wieringo? Also, the shoes people are wearing are just huge and make me want to punch something with an iron fist! I’ll stop with the bad jokes now.

Writing: I’m trying to keep in mind that this is just the prologue so I don’t go all deranged internet blogger/fangirl. Anyway…I think that the set up was fine. The DOOM! voice was nailed down pat. Glad to know that you think all us Americans are fat pigs, Vic. Makes me feel loved. Do you know how many girls are going to be anorexic because of you now? Do you? DO YOU?!?! Ummm, anyway, another part that I loved was his comments on the fact that pretty much all people who claim to be fortune tellers are shams and that it’s degrading his mother’s art. Don’t mess with DOOM!’s mother. Bad things happen. Now the Valeria thing. I don’t know if I think Doom! would do that to his first love. I always saw Doom! as a…I don’t  really wanna say jerk so maybe egomaniac but an egomaniac with morals.  I think he fancies himself as a Latverian King Arthur. I may have to follow-up on that idea there.  I


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